F38 F37 F36 F35 F34 F33   F32 F31 F30 F29      
    F39                       F28    
    F40   E32 E31   E28 E27   F27    
    F41   E30 E29   E26 E25   F26    
    F42                       F25    
    F43   E24 E23   E20 E19   F24    
    F44   E22 E21   E18 E17   F23    
Fire Exit                           Fire Exit
    F45   E16 E15 E13   E12 E11 E9   F22    
    F46   E14   E10   F21    
    F47                       F20    
    F48   E8 E7 E5   E4 E3 E1   F19    
    F49   E6   E2   F18    
    F50                       F17    
    F51   D12 D11   D10 D9   F16    
    F52       F15    
    F53                       F14    
    F54   D5 D6   D7 D8   F13    
    F55       F12    
Fire Exit                           Fire Exit
    F56   D4   C2   D3   F11    
    F57         F10    
    F58                       F9    
    F59   D1   C1   D2   F8    
    F60         F7    
    F61   B2   A   B1   F6    
    F62         F5    
    F63         F4    
    F64                       F3    
      F65 F66     F67 F68 F69     F1 F2      

HITEX, Hyderabad


Sl. No. Stall Type Size Stall Rent (Amount in Rupees) Tax @ 15% (Amount in Rupees) Total (Amount in Rupees)
1 A 8M X 9M 9,00,000/- 1,35,000/- 10,35,000/-
2 B 6M X 9M 7,00,000/- 1,05,000/- 8,05,000/-
3 C 8M X 6M 6,00,000/- 90,000/- 6,90,000/-
4 D 6M X 6M 4,50,000/- 67,500/- 5,17,500/-
5 E 6M X 3M 2,25,000/- 33,750/- 2,58,750/-
6 F 3M X 3M 1,25,000/- 18,750/- 1,43,750/-

Permission for the Vehicles carrying exhibition materials to 77th IRC Session at Hyderabad and Declaration-I and II from the Commercial Taxes Dept. (Note: Applicable for Technical Exhibition Stall Booking and Open Space Booking vendors only)

Click Here to Download Declaration-I and II Commercial Taxes Permission Form.

Note :-

"Last date for stall booking is 10, DEC 2016"

The participants those who are not having net banking facility can take the Demand Draft for the full amount specified in the website for the respective stall in favour of “IRC 77 Session,Hyderabad”. They should  mail the scanned copy of DD alongwith space requisition form duly filled to exhibition@irc77hyderabad.in  for information. The original DD for full amount along with requisition form should sent to “Sri. P. Rajendar Kumar, Dy.Chief Engineer(R&B) Roads &  Chairman, Finance Committee, IRC Session, Hyderabad,  5th Floor, (R&B) Complex, Errum Manzil,  Hyderabad, Telangana- 500 082” within six(6) days. On receipt of original DD, confirmation of Stall booking will be sent to the respective participants. If the DD is not received within six (6) days from the date of booking of stall, the stall will be open for fresh bookings.  


DD for an amount for the selected stall/stalls shall be submitted personally to Sri. P. Rajendar Kumar, Dy.Chief Engineer(R&B) Roads &  Chairman, Finance Committee, IRC Session, Hyderabad and select the stall/stalls available at the time of submission of DD.

The stalls F1 to F3, F64 to 69 (Total 9stalls) for official purpose - No bookings

Terms and Conditions for Technical Exhibition Click Here.

Invitation for Technical Exhibition Click Here.

For Online Exhibition Stall Booking Registration Click Here.

Click Here to Download Offline Space Requisition Form.